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Client Testimonial

"Very nice. I can't thank you enough for the clarity you've offered me, Zeno. Being rescued from jovian/rave style HD is like being rescued from a plane crash!"
Matt Reis, Indiana


Zen Human Design classes

Zen Human Design teaches the only authentic Human Design in the world, based solely on the original revelation. Don't waste time trying to understand what was made up in later years. Go directly to the source.
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Client Testimonial

"I cannot say enough how thankful I am for this. I can breath with the way you bring out your knowledge. My body is so fullfiled as if I found the right place in this process to be in."
Smadar, Israel



Think You Already Know Human Design?

Think again!

Do you know your Type, Profile, Cross, Authority, and Strategy?
Do you believe in the Not-Self?

Well, you have lots of company in thinking that this represents Human Design, especially if you have paid much money for learning it from the “Jovian” hierarchy, maybe even becoming an “analyst” yourself. Apologies for bursting your bubble, though, but you need to be told that unfortunately you’ve been had and all of this has very little to do with the real Human Design System.

The Human Design System arrived as a revelation with a very limited and simple set of basic rules and none of those big terms marketed today as Human Design were part of it. Period. In fact, those big terms perfectly hide in plain sight the very mechanics of the revelation, thereby preventing you from knowing for yourself and from remaining independent.

Zeno, Ra and Chaitanyo in 1995We know. We are the people who were responsible for bringing the official Human Design to America in its beginning years, from 1993 to 1999. In close cooperation with Ra Uru Hu we built the original Human Design School and wrote, illustrated and published its original learning materials.

Do you know your Definition Type and Mode? Probably not. These were the core terms you needed to know about your chart in those early years when Human Design was still mainly based on the revelation. But Ra wanted to rake in the millions and to do that, Human Design needed to be “refined” to be palatable to the masses.

In a class in 1997 Ra introduced the concepts of Type, Profile and Authority that allowed for much catchier language and simply replaced the original Definition Type and Mode. Not only was this the beginning of the end of our relationship with him, but also the momentous beginning of a radical re-writing, re-purposing and re-explaining of the Human Design System in the following years, all in Ra’s image, bent to fit his perception of humans and the world and tailored to his ability to manipulate.

Especially in the years from 2000 on, when we had separated from Ra, we witnessed with jaw-dropping awe the emergence of a Human Design that had almost nothing left in common with its original revealed ancestor, but was all great-sounding, cool slogans and keywords and memes, with dedicated followers implanting those memes in each other’s brains. Ra wildly made up whole new areas of Human Design, claiming that the revelation was still ongoing. In the end, what once was an instrument of liberation had become a catechism of labels, beliefs and rules.

Yes, it sounds bad and may be hard to take, but if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already suspected on some level that something may be wrong in “Jovian” land. Sorry to have to do this and we really don’t want to hurt you, but what’s wrong is the entire artifice of Type, Profile, Cross, Authority, and Strategy. All of it. Yes, there’s truth to it, but its perfidy is that the little bit of truth hides the big truth behind it from you. If you truly want to know Human Design you need to toss all of that and simply start over.

Zen Human Design is the
only Human Design System
in the world
true to the original revelation.

If you love Human Design, you owe it to yourself to get it straight.

Check out our affordable education program and liberate yourself!




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