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Zeno's Human Design chart

Zeno's Human Design chart
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About Zeno

Due to a progressive illness impeding her ability to move and communicate, Zeno has retreated from Zen Human Design in 2017. (See her good-bye video.) Her long-time friend and partner Chaitanyo has taken over the tasks. Zeno died March 25, 2020.

ZenoZeno’s path began in the East Bay of San Francisco. She was an early recycler, like her great aunt, picked up trash off the beach, or off the streets, turned bottles in for their deposit, has always loved healthy food, the redwoods, dance, truth and beauty. She grew up in the sixties in California, came of age during the zeitgeist of social change, peace, love and freedom. She got her BA in Philosophy, loved Socrates and the wisdom traditions of yoga, Tai Chi, the stars, the I Ching and the Tarot.

As a seeker of spiritual enlightenment, she went to many teachers and meditations. Along the way, she became very attracted to Bhagwan (now called Osho). In 1980, she woke up from a dream that she should go to Poona to meet him and through incredible divine synchronicity, the money magically appeared. Eight days later, she was at the ashram in India, and soon was sitting at the feet of the master, who gave her sannyas and the name Ma Vedant Zeno.

Living in the communes in Berkeley, Zurich, on the Ranch in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, was a very powerful life experience that colored Zeno’s approach to Human Design. In 1993, Zeno and her long-time collaborator and partner, Chaitanyo, hosted the first Human Design classes in America.  It was immediately clear that this work was her life’s calling. After five years, it was necessary to prove that Human Design could be used to heal emotional trauma and bring relief, awareness and consciousness on earth.

By 2010, Zeno had completed her magnum opus and proved that it works. She developed a comprehensive, effective training program to share this remarkable knowledge with others. This knowledge brings greater clarity into all relationships, contributes to healing the planetary disturbance of emotional energy, and helps to illuminate the collective.

We are on the cusp of an evolutionary stage where we now learn to be emotionally aware. We all have our parts to play on the bigger stage of life. Knowing yourself, your design, your impact on others is the single most effective method to transform your relationships into loving, conscious, respectful and joyful ones.


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