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Human Design Transmission vol. 15, #1 

12 February 2008 


-- Welcome to our new readers

-- The Shadow of Yourself

-- The Case for Now as the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

-- Benazir Bhutto

-- Heath Ledger

-- Barack and Hillary

-- The 8th Annual HDP Symposium

-- You’re Invited!

-- Become an HDP Member!

-- New Forecast Available

-- Praise for The Course in Human Design v.2



This is a Leap Year! We get the four extra quarter days this year, so happy birthday to all you February 29 babies! and Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat. May it bring us into the beginnings of Peace and a new administration.



-- Welcome to our new readers


In the last months, many new people have joined our list, have received their free charts and the Know Thyself brochure. We are glad to see our list growing and want to personally welcome you and wish you well on your Human Design adventure.


The Know Thyself brochure has been designed to aid any person new to Human Design with an initial legend that gives the base meanings for all the elements on a chart. The overview data on the bottom of the chart highlights a few general keys beginning with Definition Type, then Mode and Modes as Types. You'll also see a section highlighting centers defined and undefined. 


So if you have your chart and the brochure, open to the middle that shows the centers to get a reference for what your chart tells you. Although there are many things that can be thrilling to learn, the most basic lesson is the centers being defined and undefined. This gives you the greatest experiential window into how you can identify and feel the centers energy as the imprint of the planets from the moment of your birth. This lesson is so fundamental that it will continue throughout your study of Human Design.


When you have your chart and are mystified as to what its value might be, consider the following basic concept:



-- The Shadow of Yourself


Carl Jung brought to everyone’s attention the notion of the shadow, that part of oneself that gets projected onto others and is hard to recognize in oneself. Each of us has been the beneficiary of someone else’s projections, where it is just unbelievable that the communication between any two people can be so horrible! Just as likely, each of us has projected and accused someone else of starting a disagreement when it might have been our own energy reflecting back through the other person’s open areas in his or her chart.


For this one reason alone, everyone on the planet should have their Human Design chart to see what is being mirrored back that is one’s own energy. The Human Design chart is unparalleled in its ability to help you distinguish what you contribute to any given situation or disturbance and also shows how others can affect you.


What we reflect when we’re around others depends on where we are open and where we are defined. Reflecting is an interesting word. In one sense, it means to contemplate, to consider, but when reflecting is like the light on a windshield that blinds you from seeing clearly, it can be dangerous. As a Human Design term, reflecting is what any open (white) center in a chart does – it can reflect back the quality of conditioning that it receives. It can also blind us, distort the energy and make us feel reactive or defensive when we don’t grasp the nature of conditioning.


We also have lifelong habits of protecting or defending ourselves in those areas that are white in our charts. White centers show what doesn’t accurately perceive what’s going on. Magnifying the energy or reacting to the discomfort of conditioning is very likely. Identifying with the conditioning when it’s comfortable is also likely.


So if you have your chart and the brochure, but don’t know where to start, start with the centers. Look at the centers in your chart that are colored. If you see color in the Solar Plexus, for example, it means you affect the environment with your emotional energy. When you are open in the Solar Plexus center (undefined and therefore not colored), it means you get the lesson to be a good, clear mirror and get out of the way of being emotionally reactive. Excuse yourself politely and let the other know you don’t handle emotional energy well.


To read the full article:



-- The Case for Now as the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius


The worldwide economic downturn coincides with Pluto’s transit into Capricorn that has been forecast by astrologers to bring tumultuous changes in financial markets, business structures, corporations and political institutions. It can be viewed as a transformative effect of Pluto in Capricorn now butting up against the rising mountain of corruption and failure. Pluto is the planet of destruction, death and rebirth, therefore transformative; Capricorn represents structures, business and institutions. We see the fault lines cracking in all kinds of areas in our political world.


In one way, this can be seen as the time you’ve been expecting since a long while. It’s been prophesied that in order for the new man to be born, the old man must die. The old man is the hardened, masculine domination that has its reckoning with the feminine planet earth. The birth of the new man, the new humanity of Spirit-consciousness is what the light workers I know have been waiting for.


The very challenging aspects of the old dying will continue for a long time to come as Pluto transits Capricorn and certainly through Winter Solstice 2012 (end of the Mayan calendar). This shakeup, breakup (the old dies) makes it possible to claim that now is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, marked by the entrance of Neptune into the first of the Solar Plexus Aquarius gates, gate 49 (birth of the new humanity), as of January 23, 2007. (Remember an “age” is about 2,200 years, so the dawn is only the very first glimmers of light.)


The Sun and North Node are in Aquarius right now as well. Maybe that’s why I think about the birth of the new man. The children born now and through 2025 will have Neptune in the Solar Plexus (Neptune: the most spiritual, planet of oneness, enlightenment; Solar Plexus: the emerging emotional awareness of our interconnectedness).


Since Neptune is the planet of spiritual oneness or dissolution of boundaries, and it now will transit the Solar Plexus for most of the next 17 years, its entrance into the Solar Plexus is one step in the evolution of our species, that being the rise of emotional awareness, the birth of the new humanity. If you’ve been working on yourself to be more emotionally aware, you might already see it as your contribution to ushering in the Aquarian Age.



-- Benazir Bhutto


You can find Benazir Bhutto’s chart and the transit of her death at


A simple lesson for beginning students is to look at her Definition Type (single definition) and Mode (to Wait - Projector). The theme for projectors is recognition, to be seen, to get attention. Her death brought global attention to who she was, what she stood for, what she contributed to society.


Read an overview of her chart here:


In studying the transit of her death, I realized something that deserves further research in death charts. As this hasn’t yet been done, I present just this one for your consideration: The transit chart at death can show you the achievement and fulfillment of one’s potential or transcendence possible. Looking at that transit chart suggested to me that Benazir completed her time and martyrdom was written in the stars. She was meeting her destiny and her place in history, (herstory).


Benazir’s natal North Node positions, 41 and 19, both in Aquarius, would be where one looks at the life trajectory, or destiny. At the time of her death, these two gates were defined by transiting North Node in 30 and transiting Neptune in 49, both in Aquarius.


Transiting Venus also formed a channel definition with natal Venus (14-2), suggestive of goddess bloodlines.



-- Heath Ledger


Heath Ledger was another person whose untimely death provided an opportunity to study. >From the news descriptions, and prior to looking at his chart, my guess was that Heath had an undefined Spleen center and so couldn’t differentiate what was healthy for him. I also presumed that he was emotionally defined. My hypothesis was correct. You can look at his chart and also the transit for the approximate time of his passing at


To read more about his chart, click here:



-- Barack and Hillary


On the newsmakers charts at you’ll also find various current politicians including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom are affected by the North Node transit to gate 30. Just for fun, it you haven’t already seen the charts, can you guess if either person is emotionally defined? John McCain’s chart is also posted.



-- The 8th Annual HDP Symposium


HDP, the Association of Human Design Practitioners, hosts an annual symposium; this year the theme is “The Birth Imprint.” The dates are revised to be from April 4-6 for experienced Human Designers, and there will be a one-day tutorial for new people on April 3, held this year in Taos, NM.


Recently, I came across a fitting article that describes a legend from the Jewish tradition. It tells of the angel Lailah who comes just before birth and lightly touches the upper lip of the yet-to-be-born baby (therefore we have that depression above our upper lip) to extinguish the light that shines from “one end of the universe to the other.” This light encompasses the unborn’s own deep past and his ultimate destiny. (From the article Prebirth, by Thomas Armstrong, Spirituality & Health, Jan/Feb 2008.)


The task however is to remember and to wake up. This remembrance is greatly aided by knowing your own chart, those of people close to you, and understanding the transits. We will explore this powerful transition moment with a special focus on the three months prior to birth, when the Personality crystal was resident during the last stage of gestation.



-- You’re Invited


If you are someone who uses Human Design in your professional capacity and are interested in coming to the Symposium, we would like to offer you the opportunity to present a segment in exchange for participation. Please send a brief description of your work using Human Design. We'd love to include you in the interest of a core goal for the Association: to gather together for The Independent Application of Human Design. HDP was created to give you a place to converse and share your enthusiasm and discoveries.



-- Become an HDP Member!


If you are a student of Human Design System, whether a beginner or an experienced pro, you belong in HDP, the Association of Human Design Practitioners. Throughout its eight years, more features and benefits for its members have continuously been added.


With the homework for Level I certification now available to all members at no additional cost, membership becomes an especially smart move for the people who bought the Course to learn Human Design.


The new Forecast by Zeno (next paragraph) is available as a bonus for free to HDP members. Join now:

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-- Forecast Now Available 


With the most recent forecast, zc design has opened its new Digital Goods Store. You can now pay and download the Jan/Feb 2008 forecast for $7.50 here


Keep checking back for new titles!



-- The Course in Human Design v.2


Since the release of The Course in Human Design v.2 last November, the feedback has been coming in and it has been good. Here’s a testimonial from one satisfied person:


“... [I’m sure] you're aware of the new version of the Course in Human Design v.2. I can personally attest to its excellence -- I'm taking the Level I training through HDP that uses the new zc course right now. And having studied under the old Ra material, this is a vast improvement. Zeno and Chaitanyo have eliminated the memorization (something I NEVER could do), integrated the I Ching and astrology eloquently and gracefully. I'm following the concepts of the centers, gates and channels, applying them to my own, family and friends charts. And I'm finally GETTING it. It's a marvel."

G. Lorenzo, Jackson WY.


The Course presents the complete and generic mechanical structure of the Human Design System, without bias, so that you're able to see for yourself!


Order here now:


or call Zeno at 575 758-2909. Terms available, too!






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