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Human Design Transmission
Volume 16, number 1
January 27, 2009

Human Design transmission

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- Happy New Year of the Ox
- Zeno’s Workshop in Taos
- New prices for zc charts

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Happy New Year of the Oxox

This is the year of the Earth Ox, the completion of a 60 year cycle for those born in 1949. As an odd year number, it’s a yin year, and yin element (Earth), receptive. Chinese New Year is determined by the first new moon that follows the first full moon of the new year. This is a two week celebration that this year coincides with the first Solar and Lunar eclipse cycle as well. (Solar eclipses occur on new moons and Lunar eclipses on full moons.)

The Ox brings prosperity through hard work, honesty, diligence, patience and steadfastness. With the new administration, this is a very hopeful time, though for many, it is a scary time, security has flown out the window and uncertainty rules. The guidance of the Ox is to knuckle down, be patient and trust that one foot in front of the other will take you where you need to go.

Security isn’t something we can really hold onto, whether that’s security about money, a job or a relationship. Insecurity or fear is the perfect opportunity to practice breathing to center and remember that the fear itself is a reminder to be alert and strengthen your meditation.

The Ox is not in a hurry and one step at a time rules its life.

President Obama is an Ox, so this is his year, and the enormous stability he exudes can be a great model to the rest of us, that through our diligence and honesty, we can meet these insecure times with resolve.

Another great reason to see President Obama’s birth chart is that he is a very open person with only one emotional definition, defining the Root (stability) and Solar Plexus with the other seven centers remaining undefined. Last October, with the McCain-Palin ticket and their Heart center conditioning, I had the sense that Obama would prevail if he didn’t take on the fight, which he didn’t. He never defended himself on the false accusation front. Anyone with an undefined Heart center can recall how useless it is to try to defend oneself.

Aquarius is a deep part of the story unfolding in our lives now and has been influencing everyone for a while. Neptune’s transit in Aquarius is a long and deep lesson in our humanity, compassion, interconnectedness, as it transits the emerging emotional awareness center and right now forms a definition with the North Node (where we’re going) in Aquarius gate 19 to Solar Plexus gate 49.

Neptune has been in gate 49 since January 2007 and will move into gate 30 on February 27. This is sort of a final hurrah on this channel definition. Pay attention to everything you’ve been experiencing since mid-November around emotional interconnectedness. What has been important to you about family, friends, clubs, groups?

Neptune will be in gate 30 for three and a half years, a transit that brings potential illumination and emotional awareness into one’s life, particularly for those people with Aquarius gate 41 activated in the Root center.

This new moon in Aquarius (January 26) conjuncts the Sun and Jupiter in gate 41, Decrease, an extremely auspicious start to the new year in the Root center (security themes, holding together). The Ox's prosperity comes from decreasing now. That is where we can benefit ourselves (Sun, Moon and Jupiter).Lao Tsu on ox

Very cosmically, the North Node will move into gate 41 on March 27 and remain in this definition with Neptune through May 22. This powerful collective imprinting is a time you can use for your practice. It is a good support for cultivating emotional centeredness.

This is the same channel that Barack Obama has. You might consider him as a model for what it means to be courteous instead of reactive when you’re experiencing heated moments. He stays cool instead of gets hot. Pluto’s transit to Ji gate 10 is also an excellent lesson for impeccability in your behavior.

Use the help the gods bring. It’s the evolutionary mandate and remember, resistance to what life brings is a certain kind of misunderstanding.


More on the Ox at Planet Waves.


Zeno’s Workshop in Taos

On March 22, from 11-4 with a one-hour lunch, Zeno will be offering a workshop to enter into one’s own chart. You will use journaling and the included reference card to identify your own centers and how you are influenced by design.

There will be breakout sessions for discussing how all of us know the qualities and characteristics of the nine centers.

$48, includes one chart, reference card and NM tax.
Early payment by March 1, $40.

Register by sending an email to
or phoning Zeno at 575 758-2909.


New Prices for zc Chartszc chart

zc design's chart provides the calculation information without the bias of an interpretation. These charts are the only ones we use in our work. If you are interested in understanding yourself, reflect on the charts of others to greatly enhance your recognition of how centers function or can be maladaptive.

zc charts underline gates that are part of a definition, and provide a clear graphic that is showing the whole person as an aura. We haven't yet managed to get this chart style programmed, so they're still a semi-manual result, and therefore we need to charge for the charts.

In the Beginner's Pack for $5, we’ve bundled the chart with a 30-minute audio recording that introduces a newcomer to the components on a chart and a reference card that give you the basic mechanical structure of the four elements. With the numerical index, newcomers can start to find their way around the body graph.

Our experience has been that providing free charts doesn’t actually help people too much. It is confusing rather than clarifying, and we’re very happy with the feedback we’ve received that this bundle is a very succinct and excellent beginning.

Charts are now $4 each or $20 for a bundle of six. (You can get composites from the individual charts.)

Composite and transit charts are now $5 each.

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