Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 5
January 29, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Only 3 days left for January Specials!
- Happy Birthday Oprah Winfrey
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- Product Review by Barbara U. Jones, Ph.D.
- $99 Lessons 1 and 2 Special now extended through February 14

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Only 3 days left for January Specials!

The clock is ticking. If you have been thinking to sign up for the Professional Certification Course, now's the time! Half off through January 31st! 

Starting February 1st the price returns to $4498 for the Profession Certification and $5496 to get the Certification with the Course. There are still discounted payment options too, but only through Monday, January 31st. So don’t wait!

In this comprehensive training you will learn first hand how to use the Zen Human Design charts to illuminate first, the influences in your own life and second, to understand how you can modify reactivity from old dysfunctional habits around getting your buttons pushed.

This Certification Program in Zen Human Design offers my 17 years of intense study. This is a training that works. You will learn how to effectively communicate using clear, simple language to introduce someone to the Zen Human Design
chart. You will have my personal attention and guidance as you develop your own practice and also learn how to offer clients effective and compassionate answers to their life questions. This original form of Human Design based solely on the revelation is a client-centered interactive style that feels good for the practitioner and for the client in that it listens to the client's questions.

Just two days left! This sale price of half off is a great deal, not one to miss!

Only $2249 for this Profession Certification Program or $2746 for the Profession Certification Program including the Course. So here is your chance to purchase the Profession Certification Program before this time passes by.

Happy Birthday Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the most important agents of change in our world now. She is an Aquarian, emotionally defined by Aquarius- Aquarius channel 19-49, heralding the age we live is as the time to become more humane, connected to each other and more aware emotionally.

This is the time on planet earth where we are evolving emotional awareness out of the emotional energy field. Oprah is a very important person to observe and her chart is a great teaching tool.Oprah and Gayle

To celebrate her 57th birthday, today, January 29th, we begin to look at the first of several composite charts, so take the opportunity to look at her chart and to read this blog on Oprah's chart and her relationship to her best friend, Gayle King (composite chart).

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Product Review by Barbara U.Jones, Ph.D.THe Course in Human Design 2.1

Barbara reviews The Course in Human Design 2.1, The Definitive Manual and Complete Reference for the Human Design System. Are you thinking of taking the Course in Human Design with Zeno?  Here is an opportunity to read a product review.

Barbara says, “Anyone with a longstanding interest in Human Design, as well as those recently entering the field, will be thrilled with this newly revised manual… you can fully trust yourself in the knowing of not only your chart, but also the charts of others. As a result, the system becomes self-teaching."

You can read the entire review here.


Lessons 1 & 2 Special now extended through February 14

Want to just take it one step at a time with the Course in Human Design? The first two lessons of the Course are now available separately. For almost anyone with an interest in Human Design, this class gives you all the tools you need to get an excellent start! Lesson 1 takes you fully into the basic structure and mechanic of the Human Design System body graph, definition type and mode (doing and waiting). Lesson 2 teaches you the fundamentals of centers being defined or undefined that is the foundation for understanding yourself and the impact conditioning has on your life. These lessons are the essential knowledge to observe and self-reflect for a long time to come.

This comprehensive, yet simple and clear training will start you on the road to understanding Human Design and how to apply this knowledge in your own life. This is the most direct method of looking at and observing the mechanism as displayed in Human Design charts.

This class is comprised of seven screencasts totaling 2.5 hours and comes with your Zen Human Design chart!

Just $99! Click here to find out more!
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