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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 8
July 17, 2013

Human Design transmission

- The Planets Explained By the Stars
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The Planets Explained By The Stars

Dear friends,

This mid-summer in 2013, the goal of setting up the next class "Planets" to continue a solid education for Human Designers is achieved! This class is now ready for you to click and buy.

Hal's posting below gives an overview of what's planned, so enjoy his fun text and get to the bottom of how the planetary forces are the step you need in order to fully grasp the gates, channels and lines.

I realize I am pretty strict with my educational program, though it's easy enough to just stay with the first few lessons (definition types, modes and centers) but when you really want to understand the activations, you need to learn about the planets, their myths and archetypes.

In order to be at least a proficient beginner, to integrate planetary influences in a chart, you need the ground language of astrology that will be presented first by Chris McRae. It is a phenomenal honor that such an expert in the field will give us the components of syntax so that we can become more informed by the charts.

The second class is an opportunity for me to co-teach with my old HDP colleague, Bettina Gribben, and also Hal Bahr, to frame this entire workshop as a Human Design synthesis. That lesson 2 will present the Sun, Earth and Moon with their special significance in our HD world.

The class series with each of the forces of the planets is just a thrilling and fulfilling accomplishment for me. If you've been following the story of my decline or have been taking class with me, you know that my voice has gotten very weak, and this idea of having true astrologers give us their wisdom was something I wanted to do much longer ago.

When Hal and I talked about this, he and I both got very excited by developing a training that would go a long way to healing the old fracture borne out of disrespect for astrologers and an inflation of superiority as to what a Human Design chart shows. Look, I know how amazing and profound Human Design is. I have spent the last twenty years studying it, but that is not in any way diminishing how fantastic astrology is!

So please join us if you can. This will not be a Human Design class as much as a beginning astrology class for you. Even though it's beginning astrology, I consider astrology and the synthesis with the I Ching the interpretative basis and as such, it's advanced Human Design.

This class will be so exciting! I hope you will be able to join me.

More info and sign up here.


Solar System

Hal Bahr is the co-host for my classes and the following is his overview of the teachers who will participate in this class:

"As one goes deeper into the study of Human Design one also goes farther out. One pillar of the four that make up Human Design - Chakra energy centers, I-Ching, Tree of Life, and Astrology, often neglected is the pillar of the planets and the energy flavors an activation by one of them can make. Whether you have a basic understanding of Human Design or an advanced one it is most likely you have never had the kind of opportunity that Zeno has pulled together for this round of classes. With brilliant and well-known astrologers along for the classes this course presents an opportunity to learn from the very best of both worlds. We are both very excited about the content, context, and roster of brilliant astrological lights who will be joining Zeno and me to discuss the planets.

"The roster of guest astrologers illuminating this series of lessons includes the author of the influential book Making the Gods Work for You, radio host of the Visionary Activist Show, professional astrologer and inspirational speaker invoking  the archetypes, myths, mystery Caroline Casey.

"Evolutionary astrologer, writer for Mountain Astrologer and other publications, lecturer, popular and well-known podcaster of Evolutions of Astrology, Dena DeCastro.

Professional astrologer, writer for the Mountain Astrologer, lecturer, and president of my favorite astrological organization OPA, the kind and loving Alexandra Karacostas.

"Brilliant and funny writer, editor, lecturer, astrology teacher who specializes in writing workshops for astrologers, professional astrologer Arlan Wise.

"Writer, teacher, psychic, with a master's degree in psychology, creative genius, professional astrologer Sandra-Leigh Serio.

"Long time Human Design practitioner and agent for transformational change and growth Bettina Gribben.

"Canadian national and astrological treasure, teacher, writer, master astrologer Chris McRae.

"And from New Zealand, Upasika.

"Many Human Designers typically give short attention to the planets in the Human Design chart but any astrologer will tell you that there is a real difference between the flavor and energy signature of Venus and, say, Pluto. One invites receptivity, harmony, beauty, relationship while the other can feel like overwhelming force, power, or challenge that requires us to transform a part of ourselves before we can own the transformed power."

For a detailed syllabus, which lesson is given by which teacher, and for links to their websites, please visit Zen Human Design's class page.


The Planets by Zen Human DesignThe Planets

Saturdays, September 14–November 2, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 8 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with parts of chapter 5 (pages 49–63) of Human Design Revealed and parts of chapter 10 (pages 131-140).
includes Course 2.1 edition of this class (1-hour-45-minutes overview of the material)
• with reference card
• You can start late or miss live lessons. Lessons are recorded and can be revisited anytime

$320 Super Early Bird through July, use coupon SUPEREARLY
$410 Early Bird through August, use coupon EARLY

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Human Design RevealedHuman Design Revealed
Special Purchase

It was a work of devotion to consolidate the language of Human Design into one reference, and now, after six years, it still satisfies me. This manual will provide you with stunning references and assist you on your journey into Human Design.

In talking with the printer, I wanted a non-glossy, matte paper. And I made the biggest order to date, but unfortunately, some of the copies were flawed with the margins not matching, so, imperfect. I am very glad to discount these dozen copies to just half price while supplies last.

Of course, you can always get the first quality book at the regular price of just $59.

Use coupon HDRBAD at checkout and we'll send you a flawed copy,
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2013 Pocket Ephemeris2013 Pocket Ephemeris on sale

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