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Human Design Transmission
Volume 30, number 1
January 1, 2023

Human Design transmission

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In summer 1973 my girlfriend and I drove our furnished Volkswagen bus to the remote alpine village of Zinal to participate in a practical, multi-day introduction to Zen given by a Japanese master who felt that the west by now might be more receptive to living Zen than Japan. There was Deshimaru, two helpers, and perhaps a dozen westerners, including the two of us. At age 19, this was my first encounter with an enlightened person and my introduction to a formal meditation technique, the combination of Zazen (sitting - waiting) and Kinhin (walking - doing). The lesson keeps resonating at my core, through all the turmoil of my life.

Taisen Deshimaru Roshi


During one of the daily question & answer sessions, my girlfriend, who in recent months had suffered neurotic, paranoid after-effects of a bad LSD trip, asked him what he’d suggest she might do about this. He turned his eyes inward for a second, then focused on her and said, “Go to bed when the chickens do and get up when the chickens do!” Turned away and took the next question.

With just a few words, his gentle version of the famous slap, the master revealed the essence of Zen: Relax, be natural, be simple — be ordinary.

Zen is being a modest part of the totality and the marvel of this earth, the awed, the fragile, the vulnerable, the honest you, your face before your parents were born, as the koan goes, your face before it became distorted by your own and others’ wishes and judgments, before you put on the mask hiding your true face from others and yourself.

bull 1 Oh no!
I'm lost!
I no longer know
who I am.


Zen is fiercely, uncompromisingly committed to tear the mask. It is radical and personal. In the stories, if you present the master with borrowed insight, if you parrot him, or come up with answers that don’t come from your own realization, he will shout at you, beat you with his stick, or throw you out the window. If, on the other hand, you come to him with genuine realization, he will laugh with you, roll on the floor with you at the hilarious simplicity of it all.

bull 2 Going to search now
for what I've lost.


Remember when you were an innocent child? It's likely you don’t, because as time went by and your synapses connected to form your mind, you needed to leave your innocence behind. Under the influence of parents, siblings, friends, teachers, priests, politicians, societies and nations, those wires connected in certain ways that left no space for innocence. As time passes, it’s getting buried and in most cases lost forever.

bull 3 Ah right!
There's my bull!


The mind wires itself to be efficient and survive in society. The child soon learns that acceptance and love are conditional to societal demands and will do whatever it takes, pretzel itself in whatever ways are needed to achieve acceptance and the protection society offers. It becomes refined and calculating, it develops strategies of behavior that promise the best return.

bull 4 Catching the beast
isn't exactly easy.


By the time the wiring is complete it does not remember innocence except perhaps as a distant dream and a longing. It's not really forgettable, but buried underneath a mountain of assumptions and societal agreements, occasionally shimmering through in art and philosophy.

bull 5 At last, tamed.


Zen is the radical dismantling of these conditioned norms, of everything that separates from innocence. It isn’t complicated about it and prefers to cut right through the bull.

bull 6 Going home!


It is perhaps the essential difference between animals and humans that in the pursuit of mind we can’t remain innocent, but have to lose it, have to get lost along the way, grow up, become cunning, contrived and unhappy, before awareness allows some to return to innocence and rediscover their essence,what Osho called extraordinary ordinariness, all the deeper for all the detours suffered.

bull 7 Without the bull,
life is beauty
and perfection.


And what has all this to do with Human Design? It's good to always remember that your natal body graph shows your form in its innocence, at the very threshold of losing it. That’s how nature made you. That’s how existence has put you together for your ride from birth to death. Your form in its purity. It’s your personal, temporary refraction of the totality in a relatively simple, crystalline schematic.

bull 8 Innocence.


You’re never alone, of course, and from the beginning that purity inevitably was and remains challenged, it gets hurt and protected and ends up twisted and littered with artifacts. If you're aware of this and know the mechanics of the body graph, seasoned with some common sense and experience, then you have a great map to innocence, to see through the pretense, catch the bull, and reveal your original face. It’s a process, an ongoing and ruthless effort of examining your life experience in the light of your design, again and again, until clarity. It is an experiential scientific endeavor, just like meditation is.

bull 9 No bull,
no search,
no nothing.


It is not helpful to get sidetracked into virtual worlds of hierarchy and caste and action plans, dreamed up by a seductive showman and propagated by a hypnotized audience. It's like applying additional make-up to what is already a mask, may look pretty but further obscures the true face, the exuberant abandon and bliss of extraordinary ordinariness reflected in the unique, dynamic infinity of each body graph.



bull 10 At peace.



2023 Pocket Ephemeris

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This just in yesterday:

"Between the dates of January 8th [and] 9th there is no fourth line day [for Sun/Earth]. This error throws the whole calendar off. Yikes!!"

Let Mercury not confuse us today, there’s no error and nothing is thrown off:

With the exception of the Moon, the Pocket Ephemeris checks the positions of the planets every 24 hours at noon, 12:00 GMT.

On January 8, 12:00, the Sun is still in 58.3.
On January 9, 12:00, the Sun is already in 58.5.

Because Sun/Earth pass through a line in less than 24 hours, it occasionally happens that the ephemeris can't list a line if it is entered just after noon and left again shortly before the next noon.

To illustrate my point I checked the Sun's detail for you:
It enters 58.4 on January 8, 2023, at 12:17 UT (after last check)
It enters 58.5 on January 9, 2023, at 10:22 UT (before next check)

For the same reason, often not all lines can get listed that are passed by quick moving Mercury and Venus.

Happy New Year!
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Q & A

Answers to select questions from readers, clients and students.


Spiritual dimensions

"Does Zen Human Design have a spiritual dimension?"

Of course, everything has a "spiritual dimension."
That dimension is awareness.

Everything is sacred in awareness.
Everything is mundane in unawareness.



"I want to reach my destiny."

It's the reaching that makes you unhappy.
Relax. You're already there. Your destiny unfolds with every step on your way.
Nothing that happens isn’t your destiny.


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