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Human Design Transmission
Volume 30, number 2
January 22, 2023

Human Design transmission

- The "Black Book"
- Human Design Revealed
- Q & A


The "Black Book"

I know, ever since I started mentioning original Human Design in my newsletters, people with Ra fixation conclude that there’s nothing more original than his “Black Book,” so it must be the holy grail. I don’t agree. It is an immature attempt, unable to present the basic mechanics concisely and cleanly. That’s why Ra felt a need for the “White Book” and ultimately for his caste system.

The 'Black Book,' The Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu, 1992The Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu was his first attempt to present what he remembered of the revelation, five years later, in 1992. The book’s main virtue is the publication of the body graph, the index aligning the hexagrams with the tropical zodiac, and page 1 where he says that Human Design isn’t his.

While he tried to convey the basic mechanics in the Johannes chapter, Ra’s understanding of them was very limited, as he admitted himself at the time, at least privately. I've learned more about them talking with him, in his first classes and by being an observer of his early readings (since I was often his chauffeur to his appointments, I got to sit in frequently and he thought this would further my education). I’ve found the other chapters, including the Rave I Ching, questionable at the least, and not useful.

from The Book of Letters by Ra Uru Hu, 1996, the White Book Same with from The Book of Letters (the “White Book”). Realizing by then that I had serious graphic design skills to take advantage of, he gave me his first draft of it in May 1994 when I was visiting him and Jürgen in Germany. I took it back to New Mexico, studied it and found it so chaotic and ill structured that I decided to start from scratch and cleanly present the basic mechanics first, as I had learned them from his Basic and Advanced trainings. From there, I envisioned, I would later then expand to the rest of his content, logically structured.

I presented the result of my work when Ra was in Taos again a few months later the same year. He was standing behind me looking at my screen and he was so enthusiastic about the 30 or so pages that he directed me to change the title from Mechanics of Human Design to The Rave Body Graph Atlas, which is much catchier, and add his name as the author to the front cover.

Sitting in his aura, the design to do naturally imposing on the design to wait, I did what he asked right then and there, rearranged the cover right before his eyes, and he was pleased and said I should publish it as is. He would also get a translation into German from Jürgen, which we then would publish as Der Rave Körpergrafik Atlas. He had just written a whole book with fantastic illustrations without moving a finger or firing more than a few neurons.

The Rave Body Graph Atlas, 1994Once he left for Ibiza again and I was no longer in his aura, I followed my usual mode to wait until nothing subtly bugged me anymore before acting, i.e. publishing. And I realized that I simply couldn’t leave his name on that front cover. This was not your work, Ra, this is the work of a good, dedicated and skilled student of yours, and your name doesn't belong there, except as a grateful acknowledgement on the inside. So I took it off the cover and published the Rave Body Graph Atlas as a generic manual, without an author. This was the first and only concise presentation of the original mechanics.

Next time I picked Ra up at the Albuquerque airport, the first thing he said by way of greeting was “You took my name off the Atlas!” Must have been gnawing at him since he first saw the final cover. Yes, I did, Ra. This was my work for the Human Design System, not for you. That made his eyes flash in anger.

A year later he gave me a diskette with a Word document containing his latest version of from The Book of Letters and when I told him that this would take me probably a year to get clean, he demanded that we publish it immediately as it was and charge $100 for it. So we did, although with some embarrassment at charging that much for the chaotic, ugly tome.

Meanwhile, we continued to work on the Rave Body Graph Atlas and Ra continued to use specially adapted pages in his classes. After he introduced his “types” in 1997, we changed the material to include them and turned it into the Correspondence Basic Training and the Correspondence Advanced Training, enhanced now with color graphics replacing the previous black and white. This was the material all newcomers learned from at that time, facilitating their mutation into raves, including people like Genoa Bliven, Lynda Bunnell, Richard Rudd, Eleonore Haspel-Portner, Mary Ann Winiger and many others.

After we separated in 1999, Ra created Jovian Archive and passed on our duties to his "manifestor" curia. In summer 2000 he asked that we let him have those correspondence trainings for his own purposes. We tried to negotiate a fair agreement, but to no avail. Ra was unshakably convinced that anything anyone ever did for Human Design automatically belonged to him, otherwise he’d throw a tantrum, subsequently manifested in years of slander.

Human Design Revealed

Zeno and I then turned the two correspondence trainings into the Course in Human Design, which still promoted the myth of the "types." It took another few years to finally remove them by 2008 and return the book to the original mechanics. This became the book Human Design Revealed, still published by Zen Human Design.

So, looking for a clean presentation of the original mechanics, Human Design Revealed is the way to go, sanctioned by Ra way back in 1994 to make up for what the "Black Book" lacked.

Matured by almost 30 years of learning, I will admit that today I would enhance a few parts of that book yet again, but even so, it’s still the one and only presentation of original Human Design. Zeno's classes follow the chapters of the book and you can take advantage of my current knowledge in the sessions I offer. A combination of both is optimal to learn Zen Human Design and/or reset your perspective after JOV-97 infection.





Human Design Revealed

Human Design Revealed

When we started offering our Human Design Revealed on Amazon more than ten years ago, it was the only Human Design book available there. Always the pioneers.

It's not really a surprise, but kind of a pity that a lot more people buy the book from Amazon than Zen Human Design’s shop. It’s actually a little cheaper from us, has domestic shipping included as well and we have it in stock and it gets to you sooner. In addition, I earn significantly more money without Bezos taking his hefty cut, some of which then also goes to my dedicated and deserving shipping lady. Thank you.

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Q & A

Answers to select questions from readers, clients and students.


G or Ji?

"Most call it the G center, but Zen Human Design calls it the Ji. Why?"

Ra originally reported that he heard the names of the centers during his revelation. They weren't spelled out. It sounded like the English letter G.

In her study of the I Ching, Zeno later learned that in Chinese philosophy Ji means the "ultimate," the "infinite," as in Wu Ji or Tai Ji. Given that the center is the seat of the magnetic monopole, the individual's alignment with the universe, we concluded that this was likely what the voice meant and Ra was just too cozy in his presumptions to do his research. Plus, the G has subtle connotations that have quite a viral potential, does it not.



"I have a twin, born 5 minutes later. Our designs are the same, but we turned out to be quite different people. How come?"

Remember that your design consists of the entire body graph, not just the color, but the white as well. The color is always there, the same from birth to death, reliable, habitual, taken for granted. It's the color you and your sister share with thousands of people on the planet born at the same time.

The white part of your body graphs is where it gets interesting. Nothing is fixed, everything depends on circumstance and the way you handle it. It’s where most of life happens, your personal school of awareness. That’s where twins will inevitably differ, increasingly so as they get older and live in different circumstances. That's why thousands of people with the same design as you are all different from each other.

You are totally unique, nobody is ever like you, and nobody will ever truly know who you are. Face it, you are alone.


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