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Human Design Transmission
Volume 31, number 1
March 24, 2024

Human Design transmission
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Celebrate with me: Human Design finally has the software it always needed and yearned for, the one of which Zeno and I dreamed right from the start, more than thirty years ago.

We didn’t just want calculations, we wanted to see the beauty of the body graph in its dynamic embeddedness in totality, the perpetual changes caused by stream and aura. We wanted to see what’s going on day by day and situation by situation, so that we could learn, as we went along, how this all fits with our life experience. We wanted to look into the past and examine relationships and time periods and see how we changed and grew to be who we are today and maybe a bit into the future. And we wanted it pure, pristine, without the shadow of someone’s interpretation.

Auracle is that software. It displays nothing but the mechanics of the body graph. It is a scientific instrument, unbiased, free of conclusions, simply presenting the facts. It does that in remarkably clear, detailed and dynamic ways, revealing context and change.

Auracle's Individual panel
Individual panel

Auracle focuses on the body graph in all its glory, as it is shaped by the breath of the universe. Mature and elegant, it is prominent on each of Auracle’s main panels, made to be looked at and understood, quite in contrast to those neglected, wilted cartoon characters caught in their straightjackets elsewhere.

While still the classic shape based on Ra's original drawing from 30 years ago (minus the straightjacket), Auracle’s body graph has an innovative new design that allows for three different colors, providing more visual opportunities and clarity.

Auracle's Transit Composite panel
Transit composite panel

Auracle's responsive and smooth operation allows you to seamlessly switch between individuals, composites, transits and transit composites, all at a click of a button and in the blink of an eye. Comparing the changes in the body graph is a breeze and that's how the body graph reveals itself.

All along you find detailed goodies, such as circuitry, life-time returns and oppositions, transit review of past and preview of future, composite transits, triple composites, swapping a composite, the ability to attach notes, create albums, print charts and more. It's all done with fluidity, the functions perfectly integrated in the context and operated with minimal effort.

And despite its already impressive feature set, Auracle isn't even done yet and evolves as you read this. Several useful features are currently developed and tested to be added soon and more are planned. Auracle grows with the insight it provides.

Auracle's Transit preview panel
Transit preview panel

Auracle works differently from other software and needs a little getting used to: No menus, everything is always available right on the surface; no back button, go forward; rarely place a cursor, it's almost always already where you need it; always confirm any entries with the tab or enter keys. You'll quickly get the hang of it and enjoy the seamless, smooth and fast experience.

Auracle's Transit panel
Transit panel

Disclosure: If you’re looking for labels, keynotes, explanations, guidance, or even reports, you’re going to be disappointed. You need to understand these mechanics and be able to experiment in applying common sense and experience to them. Then Auracle reveals its magic and supports you in ever unfolding discoveries that are your own and not assumed from someone else. They grow with you and along the way you’ll find your own, authentic language.

If you know how to read the body graph, Auracle will delight you.
If you don’t, it will teach you.

Auracle's Composite panel
Composite panel

Auracle is a fantastic teacher. In the five years of developing and testing it, using more than two thousand three hundred designs, I’ve learned more about the body graph than in the two and a half decades before. As Zeno always said, to learn Human Design, look at as many designs as possible, your friends, lovers, siblings, childen, parents, colleagues, past and present. Because you learn along the way, do it again and again, an upward spiral, and slowly your perspective will come to see the whole picture. Auracle is built for this.

Now that the cat's out, I'm thrilled to be using it in my sessions and perhaps expand into teaching more than one person at a time. It’s the perfect tool for both. Its quick and versatile performance focuses always exactly on what matters.


Original Human Design Software.

Explore the manual.
Watch a demo video.


You access Auracle with a Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser on Windows,
and with a Chrome browser on Mac (Safari has not been tested).
It is not suited for a phone.
It is available by annual subscription.

Annual subscription
$55, includes all features and any updates

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A Bit of History

This Design to wait can’t force good things, I’ve learned in the past seven decades, and some of my projects take a very long time to come to fruition. For long stretches, the aims are on the periphery of my vision, though never forgotten, and once in a while they come more into focus and there’s an opportunity for some nudging.

One of Zeno’s and my projects was our own Human Design software, right from the beginning in August 1993, when we saw our hand-drawn-by-Ra charts for the first time and imagined how a computer would draw these and how it would combine two people as one and make transit considerations. That was the first nudge.

The next one came in spring 1994, when I realized that I would not be welcome as a collaborator with Erik in Germany, who was programming his Neutrinos software. He saw me as competition instead and closed himself to my ideas.

Another nudge came in the fall of 1995, when Ra one evening at dinner gave his blessing, hand on my arm: “Go ahead, Chaitanyo, make your own computer program!” Namer of everything, he suggested we call it RaveScan, and we thought that was a really nice name, still raving ourselves at that time.

Our problem was the money. Having been a computer analyst/programmer myself in a former life, I knew what was needed, but wouldn’t dare starting to code again after such a long hiatus. Besides, I was occupied with other things. We needed a programmer and those aren’t cheap. And so time kept passing with the software waiting at the periphery.

In the early 2000s, no longer raving, Zeno surprised me with the announcement that she had purchased the domain name, that she paid more than a thousand dollars for it and this would be the name of our original Human Design software. Wow, yes, nice! Besides the obvious – Aura-, Ora-, Mira-cle - it’s Au, periodic table 79 for aurum, gold – the gold standard. Au-some. Another nudge.

In 2012 we received a grant that allowed me to dedicate a few months to research, write an analysis and design a prototype. Uranus was activating the 17 at that time, and with my three harmonic 62s I was well conditioned to design an unusual, even (r)evolutionary piece of software that would follow strictly rational parameters.

Then it went peripheral again until early 2019 when I was jolted by the recognition that it was now or never. Who else was there who understood original Human Design? I felt a responsibility, I was 65 and I had to force myself to do it if it was ever going to happen. I sought and received financial support and the project went on its arduous last stretch to reality, through periods of drudge and advance, backtracking and forward leaps, despair and hope, sometimes even close to agony and ecstasy.

By now I'm 70. The past five years went way past nudging it some. I meant to kick it home and went for it, totally, five years of my life, almost every day up to ten hours each. So, yeah, when I force myself, I discipline myself, I suffer to get through it, because, man, I’m just not a Design to do. Fortunately, I’m blessed with patience and perseverance.

I was able to show the first results, the individual panel with my cleverly redesigned 3-color body graph, to Zeno just at the onset of her rapid final decline. We enjoyed that moment, knowing well that without her determination the project would not have come this far.

Pushing on without her cheer, but with the unwavering and generous support of our friend Shanti, I added transits, transit composites, composites and a lot of detail to each, another four years, and imagine the relief and elation when recently all the pieces clicked into their places and Auracle is now ready for prime time.

It’s a beautiful program, does original Human Design honor.
If you know how to read the body graph, Auracle will delight you.
If you don’t, it will teach you.




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Honoring Zeno

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Zeno’s departure from her body.
I remember well the moment of her death, snuggling my head next to hers, her last exhale. The following minutes of silence. The following flurry of hushed activity to cart her remains off to the crematory to be reduced within days to a pot of bone and ashes.

What’s left are memories, of her brilliant mind and her ruts, of her grace and her stumbles, her strength and her fragility, her wisdom and her fallacies, of her fierce certainty of right and wrong. Her body graph still teaches me so much, revealing in hindsight what was happening in our 30 years of acquaintance as my understanding of Human Design continues to grow.

With her classes, she continues to teach and inspire students, ten years after they were recorded before she lost her voice. Hers is the sane Human Design, the Human Design that liberates you, doesn’t smother you with preconceptions, a lone and persistent voice for decades. Zen Human Design would not exist without her. Auracle would not exist without her. And I would not be doing what I am these days without her. Without actually knowing or intending it, she has a prominent spot among the greatest teachers of my life.

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Photo of Zeno by Madelyn Willis.
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