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Human Design Transmission
Volume 29, number 3
December 11, 2022

Human Design transmission

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Confession: I’m not a “generator,” yet I respond! Frequently, even!
Non-verbal gasp! I must not be “living my design!”

If someone approaches me, I respond, if the window is open and a downpour starts, I respond, if my flip-flops start smelling, I respond, if the bladder signals or the milk boils, I respond. It's not even a question and certainly no "decision making" and I don't wait to respond, either. It’s a frequent, normal and necessary part of everyday life, just like reflecting and reacting and projecting are and I know that’s the case for every other human being as well. All evidence says that responding is a function of life itself.

It is absurd that the Jovian cult singles out as "strategies" for select castes what in reality are pan-human, pan-life, even biological functions and it’s astonishing how easily people can be hypnotized by mantras such as the “non-verbal Sacral response.” Even Zeno in her online classes still sometimes fell for it. A little effort to question and compare it with actual life shows that response is not at all exclusive to the Sacral, causing the "generator" artifact to evaporate.

So, people with a defined Sacral, who of course naturally respond like everybody else, say, “yeah, it’s true, I belong to this type because I know I respond - this proves it!” while all the other castes are left to suspect themselves of wrong when their nature asks them to respond, which is a classic religious trick to keep the flock dependent: declare the natural a sin and offer absolution in faith.

As for "non-verbal," of course it is, everything below the Throat is. There's no special non-verbalness to the Sacral. Assigning it its own caste is just another of Ra's sleights-of-hand to make a group feel different and special, yet in cozy company, in effect sowing division and misdirection where none is. Barring malice, it's arbitrary, too. How did the defined Sacral earn its own caste? Why not the defined Heart, or the Ajna, or the Solar Plexus? Or the virgin Ji? They all are just as unique.

The answer is obvious. Uniqueness prevents an efficient caste system, it would get far too diverse to be effectively manipulated. His “types” reduce the glory of the body graph's infinite uniqueness to just a handful of strata, Human Design redefined in his image, comfortably dumbed down for better viral marketability, a seductive mirage, a smoke screen, obscuring by now for decades what matters. Add to that the horrific “authorities” and “strategies” assigned to each caste and I can understand why "Jovianism as a crime against humanity" was one of Zeno’s pet arguments for a little while.

Bear with me. I'm waiting for a time when I can simply shine my expertise in original Human Design, rather than point out what it isn't, but so far there's still a great need for that. Once in a while I can shake someone lose or assure and encourage someone who already sees. With their awareness Human Design may yet survive.





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Q & A

Answers to select questions from readers, clients and students.


Sidereal "Human Design"

"What do you think about sidereal Human Design?"

One major, fundamental insight of Human Design is that it’s not the planetary bodies within certain constellations of stars that condition life, but the neutrino stream from the entire universe. The planets are mere interference, the gods playing their games between human and eternity, like Balinese shadow puppets. The entirety of the stream, the pure totality with its god-tainted sections, is refracted through design and personality crystals, which inform all the centers and all their gates. The body graph is a schematic in color and white of this dynamic refraction.

Of course, the stars we can see with the unaided eye contribute to the neutrino stream, but their contribution is minute measured by the invisible output of the universe. In the clearest of night sky we rarely see more than 2500 stars, and they’re all located in the outer fringes of one of the spiral arms of our own Milky Way galaxy. (The farthest, faintest, visible star is a giant bright as 100,000 suns, 4000 light years away, but the Milky Way is 100,000 light years across.) The black between the stars contains infinitely more neutrinos than all the light we see. It’s only with telescopes, from Galileo’s to NASA’s, that we begin to have an idea how full it is.

Between the stars

JWST reveals what's behind the stars. Each of the lights is a whole galaxy. © NASA


From this tiny selection visible to antiquity were picked and named the constellations and evolving astrology discovered and assigned certain qualities to them and the interfering gods, the planets. Little did they know that they were assigning these values actually to the sections of the universe behind the stars they saw.

It’s a matter of perspective: Over time the stars in our vicinity slowly shift relative to our position and the cosmic neutrino stream and so the constellations named in antiquity are not in the same place anymore today. That’s called the “precession of the equinox.” However, the eternity that was behind the constellation’s stars in antiquity is still in the same place, it didn't shift along with the stars.

Sidereal astrology's alignment with those close stars is myopic, it can’t see the universe for the stars, it’s fixated on our little corner of the Milky Way. That’s why Vedic astrology nowadays is so uninspired, to say the least. It literally shifted away from truth over the past 2500 years. Western astrology, on the other hand, using tropical calculations, has reached remarkable maturity in recent decades.

“Sidereal Human Design” does not exist. It’s an oxymoron.
If it's Human Design, it's not sidereal.

Given the confusion caused by the Human Caste System, I can understand that some people might be tempted to fall for it, lured by the possibility of a better caste. But that’s an illusion based on an illusion. If you’re unhappy with your caste, you need to abandon the caste, not exchange it for another. Original Human Design, based on tropical calculations and matured by three decades, works very well without castes.

If this wasn’t convincing enough to leave sidereal “Human Design” by the deserved wayside, perhaps this is, from the witness himself: Zeno, who had been interested in astrology for decades prior, did her due diligence on the first day of our first meeting with Ra in 1993 and asked about sidereal calculations for Human Design. His short answer was that the revelation specified tropical calculations. Period.



Remarkably, because my design fits their “projector” caste, one of its innate attributes is "bitterness" and it's used by the raves to dismiss what I'm saying.

And it’s not just me, imagine, it’s the “life theme” of everybody on earth who happens to be born with an undefined Sacral and no motor defined to the Throat, excepting those with no definition at all. By my educated guess, that’s close to 40% of entire humanity! They're all condemned to a life of purgatory torturing themselves with bitterness. That's a bogglingly ignorant and hostile assessment of three billion people, but unfortunately a typical symptom of infection with the JOV-97 virus.

Bitterness comes from disappointed expectations, regardless of caste.
Those who practice awareness learn to keep expectations low.


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